Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Bristling--Are You?

My word for today --

bristle, v. to become rigid with anger or irritation.

This is what happens to me whenever I hear that we Americans are defenders of democracy, or that we are sending our heroic youth to fight wars in other countries to defend our freedoms, or that brave men and women died to protect your right to protest or have free speech, etc. ad infinitum. Wake up people, you have continually lost freedoms with the emergence of a police state, perpetual wars and legislation to restrict activities such as protesting and boycotting (both forms of free speech).

Let's be honest, we send our youth to foreign lands to suffer and die in order to line the pockets of military contractors and support a huge defense industry--which has control over a vast majority of our politicians. Don't fall for the nonsense that our military is to be thanked for their service. They need to be awakened to the fact that they are pawns, fodder for a nation hooked on oppression of others for the sake of profits.

The incessant warnings by establishment politicians that we must protect ourselves from unseen threats, be vigilant, and ready to defend the homeland from "radicals," are being broadcast while our foreign policies (see link below) continue to replenish and increase the supply of these very same "radicals" through our incessant bombing and incitement of insurrections in several countries. It's a huge vicious circle whose justification is perpetuated by media propaganda and tolerated by a compliant public.

Are you bristling too? If not, you should be.